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Spoken English Training by ED24 Group

In the context of today’s world, due to the global trend of internationalization, the ability to communicate in English is regarded as an essential skill. English today is the global standard in communication. The need for Spoken English is felt by various sections of society viz. employees/professionals to interact and communicate on daily basis, business person while dealing in business matters, students who are pursuing higher studies, mothers to assist their kids studying in English medium schools. Profiles like sales, client servicing, front office jobs require good English speaking skills at large irrespective of sectors or industries. Many deserving candidates lose out on jobs because they might not be so good at English speaking skills.

The key elements that impede effective English communication comprise of insufficient knowledge of grammatical skills, unorganized reading and comprehension skills, poor vocabulary and phonetics. Mother tongue influence is also a major deterrent in mastering the Spoken English art for many.

Our Spoken English training is designed to take care of varied competencies and needs of students whether at basic level, advance level or for Business English.

Our methodology includes creating proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Our teaching methodology includes acquaintance with basic grammar knowledge, audio-visual teaching aids, group discussions, public speaking, role plays, home assignments and regular assessment tools to expedite the learning process.

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