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While schools are best places for child’s basic education, private tuitions help further to fill in various needs to help child cope up with their academics. Time dedicated for private tuitions further ensure more focus on study instead of time being spent on mobile phones and TV.

Its known fact that timid students cannot ask questions to their teachers because they are scared. Tutors in private tuition are less strict. Thus, they are more acceptable. In schools, they have only a certain period of time for one subject so average students do not understand what is taught in that short time properly.

At ED24, we help students to feel more confident with individual attention to them and an elaborate and easy-to-comprehend explanation on each topic. We also give a variety of questions regarding each subject, so they can get exposed to much more on the subject. We refer to the extra quality course material wherever and whenever needed. Our tutors are generally more patient and allow students to take their time to grasp and understand the subject properly.

We assign regular homework to them, so that they can spend their time in a more meaningful way and discipline them to focus on study. Numerous tests are conducted so that the student can imbibe shortcuts and time management techniques and apply the same in exams. Equal emphasis on both internal exams and external exams. Students are prepared to cope up with time and manage writing exams with confidence. Thus, our students learn to manage time properly and they get well prepared for the final exams.

We are confident that with support of parents, we can contribute positively towards academic performance of the students who enrol in our institute.

We offer tuitions for:

Gujarat Board, CBSE, ICSE English as well as Gujarati Medium up to 12th Std. – All Main Subjects

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