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Diploma – Degree Engg. Tuition

Engineering today is one of the most popular courses that professionally oriented students opt for. The opportunities in engineering are virtually limitless, allowing you to pursue a career in almost any field, in any industry, in any location around the world. With the ever-evolving requirements of the industry and the lucrative jobs that engineering offers to the graduates, students need to be well versed with the subjects of their field. The skills that you develop as an engineer and decision maker are incredibly valuable and highly sought after.

At ED24, our focus is on knowledge, a fast track to career success. We coach to provide conceptual clarity on the subject content and instill confidence to our students. Our tutors are confident; result oriented and dedicated with a rich experience in teaching in their respective subjects. We strive to nurture a critical thinking and interest towards the subject in the minds of the students. We help in closing the gap between what a student is achieving and what he/she has the potential to achieve.

We provide coaching for both

  • Degree and
  • Diploma Engineering subjects

ED24 Key Features and benefits:

  1. Providing students with one-to-one attention and making sure all doubts are cleared.
  2. Well-paced lectures starting with basic concepts and gradually culminating in higher level problem.
  3. Concentration on exam-oriented appreciable number of quality problems to provide a firm grounding for students in various subjects and to face the professional exams with high confidence.
  4. Our teachers provide the best guidance regularly by providing excellent self-made notes, tests, and by referring to the extra quality course material wherever and whenever needed.
  5. Numerous tests conducted so that the student can imbibe shortcuts and time management techniques and apply the same in exams.
  6. Equal emphasis on both internal exams and external exams.

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